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SpeedConnect Awards

SpeedConnect Awards
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Software to speed up internet connection
Is your connection fast enough? Probably NOT. No matter what type of connection you are using (Dial-Up modem, DSL, Cable, ISDN, Wireless, LAN or Highspeed), the default Windows network settings are usually not the best choice. Default settings are NOT optimized at the same time for all connection types!

To optimize and speed up your existing internet connection (without buying new hardware or subscribing to an expensive large bandwidth ISP) you can use this top internet accelerator software tool.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator v.8.0
 Designed for Windows® 7, Vista™, XP.
Software to speed up your existing Dial-Up Modem, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless or Highspeed LAN internet connection

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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

"Top 10 Internet Accelerators" PC World & CNN Computing
"SpeedConnect accelerator prevents fragmentation in data transfer and optimizes your Windows TCP/IP settings for faster Web browsing, e-mail, and downloads."

WebAttack Review
"If you are bothered by slow connection speed, SpeedConnect is a safe, fast and inexpensive way to optimize your system settings."

PC Magazine Review
"CBS Software's SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is tops overall."

InternetADVISOR Review
"SpeedConnect can automatically work out the best way to squeeze that extra bit of speed out of your computer's Internet connection."

ZDNet Review
" a few words: Easy to use, AOL adapter support, Excellent online help, LAN and DUN support"

2 minutes can save you months of frustration

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