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Speed up your Internet connection!

SpeedConnect XP Internet Accelerator software promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various hidden Windows settings to provide a substantially faster Internet experience. No matter what speed you connect at or what other utilities you may have tried, nothing will provide a FASTER Internet connection for you than SpeedConnect XP Internet Accelerator... guaranteed!

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator can substantially improve your download speeds for all types of connections from dialup to DSL, Cable, and Wireless. Even AOL users will be amazed at how much more responsive their system will be! Supports Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista.

SpeedConnect help websites load faster! It features a simple Optimization Wizard, even total computer novices can instantly improve their download speeds. Advanced users will appreciate the wide range of options and advanced features, making this the most configurable and effective Internet Accelerator and Optimizer available today. SpeedConnect can easily double your download speeds and make `Surfing the Internet` a far more enjoyable experience.

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SpeedConnectXP Internet AcceleratorŽ v.6.5
rated 5 stars on ZDNet, PCWorld, WebAttack, SuperShareware, Chiprated 5 stars on ZDNet, PCWorld, WebAttack, SuperShareware, Chiprated 5 stars on ZDNet, PCWorld, WebAttack, SuperShareware, Chiprated 5 stars on ZDNet, PCWorld, WebAttack, SuperShareware, Chiprated 5 stars on ZDNet, PCWorld, WebAttack, SuperShareware, Chip
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
The software solution for a faster internet connection.

       v6.5 Windows XP/Vista compatible
       v5.0 Windows 95/98/Me compatible

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InternetADVISOR's Review:



Do you waste hours sitting in front of a blank computer screen waiting for a Web page to finish loading? Do you find that downloading even a small file from the Internet to your computer takes ages? You're not alone.
Most people think that the connection speed of their computer to the Internet is just a question of how fast their modem works, but there is a little bit more than that. SpeedConnect is a clever program that can subtly adjust


certain settings on your computer to speed up your Internet connection. Although your Windows operating system is a pretty good administrator to most of the programs you run on your computer, it is not always set up to be the best at everything for everyone's computer. SpeedConnect can automatically work out the best way to squeeze that extra bit of speed out of your computer's Internet connection.

SpeedConnect can really make a difference to your Internet connection. If you are not convinced, then try downloading a file from a Web site before making the settings and then try to download the same file afterwards. You should notice a reasonable difference. You could do the same test by visiting a Web site but you must remember to empty your Web browser's cache, or else this will make it look as you have a much faster connection than you actually do have. [InternetADVISOR Magazine]

Entrepreneur.com's Review:

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator - Spinach for your Internet Connection
"It's an application that would make Popeye proud!"

[Article by J.W. Dysart - software analyst and Internet business consultant, has written for more than 40 publications, including The New York Times and The Financial Times of London.]

 FASTER internet connection
 Browse FASTER
 Send and receive e-mail FASTER
 Download and upload files FASTER
 Play online games FASTER
 NO adware, NO hardware installation
 NO service subscription, NO monthly fees
 NO new hardware installation
 Optimizes all internet connection types
 User friendly
 Quick Optimizer option
 Advanced Customization
 Tool and Wizards
 Load/Save Settings
 Optimization Report
 Connection Analyzer

For better understanding SpeedConnect benefits, the following demonstration shows the results after optimizing a connection with SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator:

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
... is a powerful, easy-to-use network optimizer for Windows, developed to boost your Internet connection speed. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator optimizes several system and network related settings for any internet connection type: Modem/Dial-Up, LAN, Cable, xDSL, ISDN, T1, Wireless, Satellite.
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"SpeedConnect accelerator prevents fragmentation in data transfer and optimizes your Windows TCP/IP settings for faster Web browsing, e-mail, and downloads."
"Top 10 Internet Accelerators" PC World & CNN Computing

"If you are bothered by slow connection speed, SpeedConnect is a safe, fast and inexpensive way to optimize your system settings."
WebAttack Review

"CBS Software's SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator tops overall."
PC Magazine Review

"SpeedConnect can automatically work out the best way to squeeze that extra bit of speed out of your computer's Internet connection."

"...in a few words: Easy to use, AOL adapter support, Excellent online help, LAN and DUN support"
ZDNet Review

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